Trendy Mom Reviews

Trendy Mom Reviews

We received a huge package of Buddy Fruits products in the mail and my son flipped for them. His little eyes lit up and he pulled every single pack out of the box! I told him to put them nicely in a basket that I have and then I would let him have one. I could see his excitement. He couldn’t sit still as he put them into the basket. He also said the colors on the lids as he touched each one. He was so sweet and patient to put them in the basket so I let him pick one that he wanted. It was a tough decision to pick just one. He liked them TOO much because he downed three pouches (two pure blended fruit and one blended fruit & milk) in less than 15 minutes! I had to cut him off from a fourth because it is just so much for a little guy.


I also let him have one packet of pure fruit bites, which he ate in record time and then asked for more! Buddy Fruits are the best snacks ever because he will do ANYTHING for one of them. I love that he wants them so much! I also love that they contain real fruit and are a healthier alternative to snacking than candy. My only challenge is figuring out how to ration them because I know how quickly he wants to eat them! If you have a toddler, you should check these out because mine is in LOVE with them!

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