Moms Moments

Moms Moments

The nice people at Buddy Fruits let us try out their Pure Fruit Bites along with their Pure Blended Fruits.These things were both big hits with my boys!

The Pure Fruit Bites are like traditional fruit snacks but better!! They have a little bit more of a gummy consistency than ones that are not pure fruit. Each package of fruit bites is ONE serving of fruit so your kids eat them thinking snacks and they are actually getting something healthy.

The Buddy Fruits Pure Blended Fruits are 3.2 oz of pure fruit. As my boys say they are “drinkable” and fun. They have a consistency thicker than juice but thinner than baby food. The taste is so real. If you or your little one don’t want the entire package the lid on the top screws back on and to my surprise it is actually a tight fit.

They are really good on the go eats with no mess!!!

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