Our kids loved these little snacks, they couldn’t get enough and kept asking for more. Our daughter was even trying to wheel and deal with us so she could have more.She would offer to trade me her favorite stuffed elephant (which goes everywhere with her) for more snacks!

We rarely find things that they are that interested in so it was good to see they really liked something that was good for them.

Our sons first impress was really cute.We started them out with the blended fruit and once he tried it his little eyes lit up and all he kept saying was “Yuummm!”. Our daughter also chimed in between bites with ” This good!”.

I love the design of the blended fruit packages. They’re fun and colorful and easy for kids to use. If your little one doesn’t finish their blended fruit in the first sitting you can always just screw the lid back on and save it for later. The same goes for the fruit bites.. when you’re little one is done just close the resealable bag and get it out again when he or she is ready for another snack. The reclosable packaging makes it very convenient and easy to travel with.

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