I just wanted to let you know that I bought the Buddy Fruits for the first time yesterday. I decided to try it because of the coupon I found online yesterday. Although the coupon did not work for me, I bought them anyway. I wanted to see if my little girl would like them. She is going to be 1 next month. I honestly didn’t think I would have much success because she is already very picky, and if she doesn’t like something, it’s on the floor real quick. So we tried the Apple Cinnamon, and I was amazed. She loved it. You don’t know how excited I was that she liked, and that there was literally no mess. I held it for her first, and then she held it on her own and finished it off. I am a part of a site that tries products for different companies (by request of the company) and you can leave reviews afterward. You can even start a buzz on a product that isn’t listed on the site yet, and so since I had such good results with it, I took it upon myself to start a !Buzz just for your product. You can see it here: and I even posted a picture of my little girl eating hers :) It allows (1) others who may wonder about these to read reviews about it, and it allows(2) others to come leave a not on their opinion of it. I always try to give credit where it’s due and share it with others. I hope this leads to more interest in this wonderful product you have offered us and at such a great price in my opinion. I will definitely be making another trip to stock up on some more of these. Thank you for Buddy Fruits!
Amy Ditmore

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