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  • Weekly Updates – 05/23/14 May 23, 2014

    What an exciting week for our team here at Buddy Fruits. We are launching a new line of 8 healthy Fruit snacks, for active adults with busy and on the go lifestyles.

    We all know that we should eat more fruits, but eating fruits is just not always easy. There are convenient options out there, like fruit pouches, but they are usually for kids ! Well, we’ve heard that !

    We are launching a new healthy, fun and convenient range of products so that you could also eat more fruits … whenever, and wherever you want to !

    FruitBreak snacks come in bigger sizes, with a modern and trendy design, in flavors specially designed for adults and teenagers to be consumed wherever you go, no questions asked!

    Since good news often comes in pairs, we were thrilled to see that our very first FruitBreak fan is no one else than John Salley .. oh yes, THE John Salley.

    Take a FruitBreak & Game on!

    BuddyFruits_JohnSalley copy

    This week we are happy to share that our new adult line of Fruit snacks has seduced one of the greatest American professional basketball player!

    John Salley, the first player in NBA history to play on three different championship-winning franchises, who received not 2, not 3 but  4 rings,  has reached out to us, saying he “ LOVES BUDDY FRUITS”.

    We have to admit that the Buddy Fruits team did BLUSH upon such great news J

    Knowing John is vegan, and quite strict when it comes to his diet,  the compliment was received with even greater admiration!

    If You too would like to embrace the FruitBreak wave, look for our products in produce in all Walmart locations starting June 15th 2014, and in the grocery sections of any target.

    We would love to hear from you. Post your comment below!

    Little pouches stand for big dreams


  • Facebook French Open Contest! May 25, 2012

    Facebook French Open Contest!


    Buddy Fruits will be once again the healthy fruit snack to carry with you during the 2012 Rolland Garros Gran Slam tournament.
    Buddy Fruits will be sold in all food corners at the French tournament during two weeks… But we will also be on the court with Christina McHale! Go on Christina!!!

    To help her during the French Open we wanted to follow Christina evolution during those 2 weeks of game in Paris… launching the French Open Tennis Contest, offering you many Buddy Fruits prizes!!!!



    The Contest is simple:
    – We will follow all Christina’s Games during the tournament until the Final. Because we know she can do it!!!
    – We will publish all Christina matches with a picture of Christina and her opponent of the day.
    – We will post her scheduled matches the day before the game is running.
    – To enter the contest you will have to comment on the post and guess the Final Score of Christina McHale matches.
    – Every participant must guess the final score ( i.e: number of set +score+ Name of the winner)
    – The closest* contestant to Christina’s score of each game will win many Buddy Fruits products and many surprise. (*the closest by the number of set and difference of game in each set)

    -The Finale Score is composed of games and sets. The match is won with a best of three sets. The set is won when one player reach 6 games with 2 games difference, with a tiebreak ( 7th sets) played if the set is tied at six or five games per player.   (ie: 6-4 / 6-7 / 7-5)


    – First Match: 1 BF Cases + Goodies
    – 2nd Match: 2 BF Cases + 1 Chrisitna’s signed BF caps
    – 3rd Match: 3 BF Cases + 1 Chrisitna’s signed BF caps + Goodies
    – 4th Match: 5 BF Cases + Christina’s Racket + Towel + Caps
    – …

    Contest Rules
    The game will start on Tuesday 29th of May and ends in June 10, the day of the final.
    – Only one bet can be submitted per person to every match posted on Buddy Fruits Facebook Fan Timeline.
    – Every entree will have to be submitted before the beginning of the match.
    – No Entree will be taken in consideration after the beginning of the match.
    – After the game begins you cannot change your bet.
    – Winner will be announced after the end of the match by Buddy Fruits page Administrator

  • Christina McHale in Bleacher Report May 22, 2012

    Christina McHale in Bleacher Report

    Christina McHale Playing Major Role in Rise of Female Sponsorships in Sports

    Sponsorships for women in sports have been slowly improving over the past several years. Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and Danica Patrick definitely set the bar high, but there are others who are making strides that deserved to be recognized.

    American tennis player Christina McHale is the perfect example of the rise of female sponsorships in sports.

    McHale is currently ranked No. 36 in the world and No. 2 in the United States. She has defeated the likes of No. 4 Petra Kvitova and No. 23 Shuai Peng this year.

    he 20-year-old from Teaneck, New Jersey is certainly on the rise in women’s tennis and companies have recognized the positive image she would bring to their company.

    Since the age of 15, McHale has been involved with two sponsorships. Her latest deal, Buddy Fruits, is something that she has been involved with for the past two months.

    They are a company which makes all natural healthy fruit snacks in the form of really convenient squeezable pouches and fruit bites,” McHale said. “I love to eat them not only on the court for extra energy, but also at home or on the road as a snack. I am thrilled to be associated with them.
    If McHale continues to improve as a professional tennis player, more sponsorship opportunities will follow.

    The opportunity for her to thrive is there. It’s up to her to see how far she can take it.

  • May 9, 2012

    Buddy Fruits & Chrisitna McHale played tennis with Kids.


    The first Niagara Tennis Play Day took place on Thursday 26th of April in New Haven, CT.
    New Haven school kids were invited by the New Haven Open at Yale, to be introduced to the game of tennis and the importance of fitness in their lives through fun, low pressure match play. Of course Buddy Fruits had to be there!! It is our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids.

    The rising American tennis star Christina McHale who plays under the colors of Buddy Fruits announced her participation to the New Haven Tennis Open at Yale next summer. During the morning, the 300 kids from 1st-2nd grade had the opportunity to play fun matches and play with their champion, Christina McHale!!

    Christina McHale is considered as a role model by many young tennis players in the US, she is young, talented. Many of them would certainly love to follow Christina’s footstep!!! The play day started with a brief welcome in the famous Stadium of Yale University Tennis Courts. Kids received a T-shirt for the play day and were introduced to Christina. After watching a little match between Christina and the former Connecticut Junior Champion, kids were allowed to play fun matches between schools!! After an hour of playing, kids were more than happy to return back to school with a good memories and a little goody bag with some Buddy Fruits!!!
    All the kids really enjoyed playing tennis, they all had so much fun playing together but also challenging Christina!! After all, getting back to school with a little goody bag and some Buddy Fruits was a good reward for kids!!

    The Buddy Fruits Team really enjoyed being part of the event with Christina, helping teachers promoting healthy living for kids with a 100% natural fruit and healthy snack!! Teacher, parents and volunteer were mentoring young players with tennis matches and for those who didn’t know Buddy Fruits, were amazed by our product. “This is so tasteful” said a Yale Student tennis player.

    Many people including kids didn’t really know Buddy Fruits. At the end of the day, everyone was pleased to discover such a good product!! Christina played a key role during the Play Day. She played tennis with all those kids and was able to give them Buddy Fruits and recommended having a healthy lifestyle.
    After the Play Day, it was also the opportunity for Buddy Fruits to present in exclusivity our NEW PRODUCTS to Christina!! She had to train in the afternoon for her next few tournaments in Europe and she tried the new products after her training, all we can say is that she LOVED them!!!

    Keep an eye open for the next release of our Buddy Fruits products!!!

  • Snacking d’Or in France January 25, 2012

    Snacking d’Or in France

    « Snacking d’Or »for the French Buddy Fruit Pure Fruit Bites Pomegranate and Raspberry.

    Buddy Fruit France was part of the first edition of the Snacking d’Or competition by France Snacking by presenting our Pure Fruit Bites product.

    The Jury elected the Pure Fruit Bites as Best snack of the year: “Snacking d’Or” in the product to go category. It is a true recognition for the brand!!!!
    In addition that means Buddy Fruit Pure Fruit Bites is recognize as products that are best suited to the world of fast food and snack on the go.

    We wanted to thank everybody by supporting us in United States but also abroad and particularly in France.

  • Buddy Fruits Christmas Challenge December 12, 2011

    Buddy Fruits Christmas Challenge

    We are launching the Buddy Fruits Photo Challenge!! For your chance to win some Buddy Fruits cases, and the new iPod Touch!

    The idea is simple, we invite all fans of Buddy Fruits to make a photo or a photo montage with their favorites Buddy Fruits pouch on Christmas theme and share their favorite pictures of Buddy Fruits on our wall. It could be the cutest, the most beautiful, the funniest, the most impressive…

    Choose your own way to get the most “Like”! The picture which gets the most “Like” will win some Buddy Fruits cases, and a new iPod Touch!! Share the photo with your friends and tell them to come and “like” your picture on our Facebook Fan Page!

    Here we go! We expect some humor, creativity and fun…

    You want to win an iPod Touch for Christmas? Don’t hesitate to share your most beautiful picture of a Buddy Fruits during Christmas.
    Every picture will be saved in our database with the amount of like and the name of the fan who shared the picture.

    Prizes to win

    1st prize: iPod Touch + 5 cases of Buddy Fruits
    2nd prize: 5 cases of Buddy Fruits + 1 Buddy Fruits Bath Towel
    3rd prize: 3 cases of Buddy Fruits + 1 Golf Towel Buddy Fruits

    Also every photo with 500 LIKE on Facebook will received an extra display mix of our product.

    Contest Rules

    Share your picture on the wall of our Facebook Fan Page.
    The picture must be linked to Christmas.
    You will have until January 15th to share your picture and get the most like you can.
    The game will end January 15th.
    Every photo will be saved in our database with the amount of like.
    Only one picture can be submitted per person, and you can’t change it once submitted.
    At least one Buddy Fruits must appear on the picture.
    If submitting a picture of a child, whoever is entering the child MUST be a legal guardian of the child to be eligible to win prize. To claim prize, a valid birth certificate must be presented.
    Buddy Fruits reserves the right to use the pictures for future advertising or promotions.

  • Best Buddies and Buddy Fruits November 14, 2011

    Best Buddies and Buddy Fruits!

    Buddy Fruits believes that there are still people with disabilities who are told they CAN’T when they CAN. They want to live independently, have a job, go to school and have money. That’s the reason why Buddy Fruits is proud to partner Best Buddies in their quest to raise fund.

    Best Buddies commitment is to help enhance the lives of individuals living with intellectual disabilities. Donations raised go directly to establish one-to-one friendships and secure integrated jobs for people with intellectual disabilities.Last Saturday, celebrities, athletes, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and people just like you, have taken the challenge, and come together on bike and on foot to make a difference and change lives. More than 1,600 participants gathered to raise more than $4.5 million!
    Here is an enthusiastic speech from one of the Buddy Ambassadors this weekend. Charles Calhoun said, “I have gone through a lot to be here. But look at me now! I have a job, I graduated from high school, I have spoken in front of the Governor, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to speak to Congress, I am a public speaker, and a Buddy Ambassador. I am a drummer, a song writer, and an awesome friend. I want to thank Best Buddies for giving me the opportunity to have real friends and people who genuinely care about me.”

    Carl Lewis, Best Buddies ambassador, took the picture below with Buddy Fruits to show how grateful he is to see Buddy Fruits helping his cause.


  • Buddy Fruits Knit Challenge November 1, 2011

    Buddy Fruits Knit Challenge

    Look what we just received this morning!
    It’s true, the winter and Christmas seasons are quickly approaching, and our pouches are getting cold…
    You think you can do better?
    It’s time to launch our Buddy Fruits knit challenge!!
    Knit a funny cap for our Buddy Fruits. Choose your theme! Christmas, fruits, funny animals…

    Mail us your best Buddy Fruits caps at our mailing address below for your chance to win a lot of Buddy Fruits cases, and a big surprise!

    Our three heart breakers will receive a lot of Buddy Fruits!Once we’ve collected all the hats, we’ll pop them on our pouches and you’ll be able to admire your handiwork (and others) on our Facebook Fan-Page and website!

    You want to win a lot of Buddy Fruits cases? You know what to do!! Go and grab your needles: Knitting cap time!

    Prizes to win
    1st prize: 10 cases (180 pouches!!) of Buddy Fruits + 1 Surprise
    2nd prize: 5 cases (90 pouches!!) of Buddy Fruits + 1 Surprise
    3rd prize: 3 cases (54 pouches!!) of Buddy Fruits + 1 Surprise

    Contest Rules
    The cap can be either knit or crocheted, whichever is the best for you.
    Send your cap to our Mail address:
    2655 S. Le Jeune Road, Suite 1011
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
    Deadline for submission of knitted cap is November 30th .

    Buddy Fruits reserves the right to use the cap for future advertising or promotions.

  • Buddy Fruits supporting Butterfield Elementary School October 20, 2011

    Buddy Fruits supporting PTA

    Buddy Fruits care about education, so in order to achieve that we participated in the Butterfield Elementary School district’s annual PTA Family Run on October 1, 2011. The run is a fundraising event for each of the districts six elementary schools. The funds raised support various PTA events and activities throughout the school year. The students and families walk for health, wellness, and to unite the school community. We donated a variety of the Buddy Fruit Pouches, Buddy Fruit Bites, and Buddy Fruit Smoothies that were passed out to participants as a healthy snack. 


    Here is what the organization said about our Buddy Fruits:

    “After several laps around the park, participants were coming back to our tent for more Buddy Fruits. They were a huge hit! Thank you Ouhlala Gourmet Corporation for your support!

    The Butterfield Elementary School PTA”
    Buddy Fruits, the healthy snack for kids and parents!

  • The Beautiful Harlem Grown project October 4, 2011

    Buddy Fruits supporting Harlem Grown

    Buddy Fruits is supporting the Beautiful Harlem Grown project, an elementary school with 400 children, aged five through ten years of age in an area where 90% of the population live below or at the poverty level.

    Harlem grown took a long abandoned community garden, directly across the street from the school, and they created a totally organic, fully sustainable learning center.


    They have a stage that they use as a outdoor classroom, where they planted vegetables, a herb garden, and a butterfly garden. Their children planted everything, and this summer, they ate what they grew.
    Using this as a starting point, they have the children’s attention, the hands on experience was like a miracle.

    Buddy Fruits is glad to support them in their project, and will continue to keep you posted about this beautiful adventure.