Buddy Fruits & Chrisitna McHale played tennis with Kids.


The first Niagara Tennis Play Day took place on Thursday 26th of April in New Haven, CT.
New Haven school kids were invited by the New Haven Open at Yale, to be introduced to the game of tennis and the importance of fitness in their lives through fun, low pressure match play. Of course Buddy Fruits had to be there!! It is our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids.

The rising American tennis star Christina McHale who plays under the colors of Buddy Fruits announced her participation to the New Haven Tennis Open at Yale next summer. During the morning, the 300 kids from 1st-2nd grade had the opportunity to play fun matches and play with their champion, Christina McHale!!

Christina McHale is considered as a role model by many young tennis players in the US, she is young, talented. Many of them would certainly love to follow Christina’s footstep!!! The play day started with a brief welcome in the famous Stadium of Yale University Tennis Courts. Kids received a T-shirt for the play day and were introduced to Christina. After watching a little match between Christina and the former Connecticut Junior Champion, kids were allowed to play fun matches between schools!! After an hour of playing, kids were more than happy to return back to school with a good memories and a little goody bag with some Buddy Fruits!!!
All the kids really enjoyed playing tennis, they all had so much fun playing together but also challenging Christina!! After all, getting back to school with a little goody bag and some Buddy Fruits was a good reward for kids!!

The Buddy Fruits Team really enjoyed being part of the event with Christina, helping teachers promoting healthy living for kids with a 100% natural fruit and healthy snack!! Teacher, parents and volunteer were mentoring young players with tennis matches and for those who didn’t know Buddy Fruits, were amazed by our product. “This is so tasteful” said a Yale Student tennis player.

Many people including kids didn’t really know Buddy Fruits. At the end of the day, everyone was pleased to discover such a good product!! Christina played a key role during the Play Day. She played tennis with all those kids and was able to give them Buddy Fruits and recommended having a healthy lifestyle.
After the Play Day, it was also the opportunity for Buddy Fruits to present in exclusivity our NEW PRODUCTS to Christina!! She had to train in the afternoon for her next few tournaments in Europe and she tried the new products after her training, all we can say is that she LOVED them!!!

Keep an eye open for the next release of our Buddy Fruits products!!!

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