Best Buddies and Buddy Fruits

Best Buddies and Buddy Fruits!

Buddy Fruits believes that there are still people with disabilities who are told they CAN’T when they CAN. They want to live independently, have a job, go to school and have money. That’s the reason why Buddy Fruits is proud to partner Best Buddies in their quest to raise fund.

Best Buddies commitment is to help enhance the lives of individuals living with intellectual disabilities. Donations raised go directly to establish one-to-one friendships and secure integrated jobs for people with intellectual disabilities.Last Saturday, celebrities, athletes, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and people just like you, have taken the challenge, and come together on bike and on foot to make a difference and change lives. More than 1,600 participants gathered to raise more than $4.5 million!
Here is an enthusiastic speech from one of the Buddy Ambassadors this weekend. Charles Calhoun said, “I have gone through a lot to be here. But look at me now! I have a job, I graduated from high school, I have spoken in front of the Governor, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to speak to Congress, I am a public speaker, and a Buddy Ambassador. I am a drummer, a song writer, and an awesome friend. I want to thank Best Buddies for giving me the opportunity to have real friends and people who genuinely care about me.”

Carl Lewis, Best Buddies ambassador, took the picture below with Buddy Fruits to show how grateful he is to see Buddy Fruits helping his cause.


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